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The customer receives the rented vehicle, described in the Rental Agreement, in perfect working condition, with all its documents, tires, tools and accessories and undertakes the responsibility to maintain them and drive the vehicle in compliance with all the rules expressed in the Road Regulation and complementary legislation, as well as those pointed in these General Conditions, in addition, you can never drive this vehicle on dirt roads, gravel or similar

Who can drive the rented vehicle?

Any individual who:

  1. Is legally able to sign a contract with Wayzor and can undertake the responsibility for the vehicle throughout the duration of the rental agreement.
  2. Has a valid credit card, with the required ceiling, in the name of the driver or drivers indicated in the rental agreement to cover the security deposit (deductible/excess) at the same.


The duration of the rental agreement is expressed in front of the contract, specifying the date and time of delivery as well as the info about the return of the vehicle. The rental days will be calculated on periods of 24 hours, starting from the exact time that the customer rented the vehicle, until its return. The grace period for returning the vehicle is of 59 minutes, however, this is subject to the prior consent of Wayzor or a penalty will be charged in the form of an extra day of rental.

If the customer decides to terminate the contract prior to the stipulated on the rental agreement, the amount corresponding to the days not used will be fully retained, by Wayzor, as compensation.


The customer is obliged to return the vehicle on the date and time indicated in the previous paragraph. If the customer wishes to extend the rental period, he / she must go to the nearest Wayzor service station and request the extension as well as to sign it.

In no case, the amount deposited as a guarantee (deductible) may serve as payment to the extension of the contract. Thus, if the contract is extended, the customer must make the additional payment of the extra days.

If the Contract cannot be extended because there are no vehicles available or for any other reason, the customer must return the vehicle to the defined station on the agreed date and time. When requesting the extension of the contract, it may be necessary, depending on the initial conditions of the same, the execution of a new rental agreement as the initial rental agreement becomes overdue thus void.


The customer is obliged to return the rented vehicle in the same condition as it was delivered together with all its documents, tires, tools, and accessories, in place, at the date and time stipulated in the rental agreement. The customer may not modify any technical characteristics of the vehicle, the keys, equipment, tools and/or accessories of the vehicle, nor make any modifications to its exterior and/or interior specs. Otherwise, the customer must bear the expenses related to the replacement of the vehicle to its original state, as well as the damages and losses caused to Wayzor due to the reconditioning of the vehicle, due to the time it is immobilized, and also, any other damage that may result to Wayzor.

The Rental Period ends when you return the Car at the Wayzor station and deliver the respective key to a Wayzor representative or at the “Drop Off Box”, as long as it exists at the station, and this action implies that you have previously purchased the extra insurance Gold coverage.

If you return the Vehicle before the date mentioned in the Rental Agreement, you will not be entitled to any refund.

When returning the vehicle, you must inspect it together with a Wayzor representative and sign the post-rental damage report.

Wayzor is not responsible for any goods or objects that may be left in the vehicle.


The return of the vehicle at a different date and time than those established in the rental agreement, allows Wayzor to charge the rental amount corresponding to the days of delay in the return, in addition to a penalty caused by the economic losses that the lack of that car is causing, in the amount of €44.00 for each day of delay. Likewise, the return or abandonment of the vehicle in a place other than that referred to in the rental agreement, allows Wayzor to cumulatively require:

  1. The rental amount corresponding to the days necessary for the repair of the vehicle and making it available for rent;
  2. An indemnity corresponding to €44.00 per day, related to the economic losses caused, due to the immobilization of the vehicle;
  3. Costs of travel / towing, tolls, and custody/custody costs - if any - up to the place agreed in the contract for the return of the same. Wayzor reserves the right to bring legal actions that are pertinent, in the event of any disappearance or non-return of the vehicle and before the competent authorities (judicial and police), with all responsibility for the legal consequences falling on the customer. The unilateral extension, by the customer, of the duration of the rental agreement is considered as an unauthorized (abusive) use of the vehicle thus being the customer's responsibility for any damages that the vehicle presents at that time.


The customer agrees to pay Wayzor:

  1. All charges for the rental of the vehicle, insurance, and taxes determined in the rate at the date of the reservation, which was previously notified to the customer. The application of the tariff initially agreed is subject to the return of the vehicle taking place on the spot, at the scheduled date and time. Rates may vary depending on the season and the RENTAL season, so, prior to hiring a vehicle, the customer will be responsible for checking the rate applied to him.
  2. The amount associated with the fuel policy of the contract.
  3. Other contractual provisions may be applied to the Client, in accordance with the contractual and commercial conditions offered by Wayzor.


The customer, after at the end of the rental agreement, undertakes the responsibility to pay to Wayzor the amounts resulting from the following concepts:

  • For cleaning of the vehicle, which must be returned in the same condition in which it was delivered.



Cost to apply if the vehicle at the time of returning presents different cleaning conditions of those upon the pickup of the vehicle.



Cost to apply if the vehicle at the time of returning presents different cleaning conditions of those upon the pickup of the vehicle.


€31,00 - €69,00

Interior cleaning involving the removal of chewing gum, excessive dirt, and/or sand (1 seat padding).


€70,00 - €99,00

Interior cleaning that involves removing wax deriving for example from surfboards, puke, stained celling's (2 seat paddings).


€100,00 - €140,00

Interior cleaning involving oil stains or products that are difficult to remove, disinfecting the vehicle (more than 2 seat paddings)










  • Costs caused by the loss of the documents and/or vehicle keys, and/or shipping, of the vehicle keys to the corresponding station, in the event of loss, theft, the return of the vehicle keys at a station other than the actual vehicle return, or any other situation in which the vehicle is immobilized because of the customer, the customer will have to pay compensation to Wayzor in the amount of the invoice to replace the key.
  • Costs caused by the loss, theft, deterioration or damage of any element of the vehicle, or of the complete vehicle, as well as problems arising from putting the wrong fuel type on the vehicle.
  • Fines, penalties, legal and administrative expenses caused by traffic violations or laws, regulations, (including those provided for in the Traffic rules) will be paid by the customer for the duration of this contract.
  • Without prejudice to the previous line, Wayzor reserves the right to charge to the customer an additional charge of 44€ for the administrative costs incurred as a result of the processing and communication costs before the relevant authorities of these acts.
  • The costs of repairing damages to the vehicle in the event of an accident, when any of the following circumstances occur:

                   a) The vehicle has not been used in accordance with the established conditions.

                   b) That the accident report - either in the form of a 'Friendly Accident Declaration' -DAA- or a 'Claim Report' - has not been filled out and sent to Wayzor within the indicated period, or                             that it does not adjust to the reality of the facts that occurred.

                   c) That the damages are the result of an accident due to the fact that the customer has not correctly evaluated the height of the vehicle.

                  d) That the corresponding extra insurance had not been taken (acquired).

                  e) The costs inherent to ‘Administrative and accident handling costs’ up to a maximum of € 50.

The amounts derived from these items will be charged by Wayzor directly to the customer using the electronic payment system or equivalent used for contracting the vehicle (ex.: credit card), thus the client expressly authorizes Wayzor to perform these charges.

In all cases, Wayzor will immediately inform the respective charges and the reasons that led to it, providing the customer with all the information possible.

The amount to be charged to the customer for damages caused to the vehicle will be calculated according to the price tariff published in our Damages Rate which amounts the Client declares to know about and declares to agrees with them. In the cases where the damages are not contemplated on the Damages Rate, a budget will be created by the official repair shop of the brand.

Wayzor also reserves the right to be able to claim compensation from the customer for immobilizing the vehicle as a result of the damages that occurred.

The said compensation will be calculated according to the number of days necessary to repair the vehicle and using as a basis of quantification, the contracted daily rate, plus  €44.00 per day provided in the previous stipulation, since the working days' immobilization of the vehicle are considered as a non-return of the same, within the agreed period.


The cardholder must ensure that its use to satisfy these General Rental Conditions (surety, withdrawals or withdrawals, etc.) will not cause any loss.

In this regard, you undertake to inquire at your bank about everything that is necessary before your card is used by Wayzor, which in turn cannot be held responsible in this regard.

The payment of the rental of the vehicle and any additional expenses must be made in the currency of EUROS.

The accepted forms of payment are credit or debit cards or cash.

The cards allowed are VISA, MasterCard / Maestro, American Express. The credit or debit card with which the reservation was made must be presented by its holder at the time of delivery of the vehicle.

Virtual or prepaid credit cards - or any other card on which the characters are not embossed are not accepted.


Application of additional fees:

6.4.1) AFTER HOURS FEE: Whenever it is necessary to extend normal working hours of any Wayzor station, for example due to flight delays, an extra fee of €30,00 per hour will be charged.

6.4.2) ROAD ASSISTANCE FEE: If the customer requests road assistance for example changing a tire, replacement of the car key, support due to driving in improper or bad roads a fee of €40,00 will be charged.

6.4.3) DESLOCATION FEE: Any pickup/drop off outside of the limits of Ponta Delgada is subjected to a fee of €30.00.


The Customer must deposit a guarantee when the vehicle is picked up, the value of which is defined according to the group of the rented vehicles (see the table of deductibles below).

The guarantee blocked on the credit card will be released after the return of the vehicle, and once Wayzor has verified the good condition of the vehicle and the good execution of the Contract. The maximum blocking time is 30 working days from the beginning of the rental, however, is something that Wayzor does not control and is totally unrelated and may vary according to your bank.

The deposit of the guarantee will be retained partially or totally in case of breach of the Contract until it covers the penalties or amounts attributable to the Client.


















If the Client contracts the complementary Gold coverage, the deductible amount to be retained on the credit card will be € 300.00 for all groups.

The contracting of complementary Gold coverage can be carried out at the time of booking, at the opening of the contract, and even during the duration of these, according to the Client's preference. If the client request the Gold coverage during the rental period, before this can be activated, the client must go to one of Wayzor stations for a reinspection of the damages on the car.


8.1 - Mandatory and third-party liability insurance.

Rental rates include coverage of the Mandatory Automobile Insurance and Liability for damages against third parties arising from the use and circulation of the vehicle.

These coverages are guaranteed and are assumed by the insurance company with which Wayzor has contracted the corresponding insurance policy and are subject to its general and particular clauses and to the current law.

This coverage is valid if the following conditions are met:

  1. The Client, in the event of a collision, should send Wayzor within twenty-four hours after the accident, the complete data of the other party and possible witnesses, filling out an accident report, in the form of a 'Friendly Accident Statement ' or -DAAA- detailing the registration number, name and address of the other party, the circumstances of the collision, a sketch of the accident, the name of the insurer and, whenever possible, the insurance policy number, all signed by the two drivers involved in the accident.
  2. If the insurance company does not reject the claim, as a result of not driving the vehicle in the physical and psychological conditions required by the Highway Code.
  3. That the collision, theft, fire, or act of vandalism has not occurred during the course of an unauthorized use violating any of the conditions contemplated in this document.
  4. That the Client has informed Wayzor about the collision, theft, fire, or vandalism produced in the vehicle within twenty-four hours after the same, providing the relevant documentation (accident report, a complaint to the authorities, etc.).


  1. Tire punctures and blows.
  2. Damage to the clutch and gearbox.
  3. The days the vehicle is stopped until it is repaired.
  4. Towing and repatriation expenses.
  5. Recharge the battery.


The Client must use the vehicle with due diligence, in accordance with its characteristics, respecting the traffic rules applicable to motor vehicles and in accordance with the Highway Code and other applicable legislation and avoiding, in any case, any situation that may cause damage to the vehicle or third parties.

It is also the Client's obligation not to allow the vehicle to be driven by a person other than those authorized under this contract, with the Client being directly responsible for any damage or loss occurring in the vehicle or in third parties if he allows this to happen.

In any situation that does not comply with the provisions of these paragraphs, it is understood as unauthorized use.

The Customer is entirely responsible for the damage caused to the interior and exterior parts of the vehicle by the unauthorized use of the vehicle, in which case he will be obliged to pay all expenses incurred.

In the event of a lawsuit covering the previous situations, the Client will pay all legal expenses, including court fees, attorneys 'and solicitors' fees, and, in the event of a conviction, the respective indemnity that is fixed by sentence.

Unauthorized use includes and is not limited to the following cases which are described by way of example:

  1. Push or tow any other vehicle.
  2. Circulate in places that are not suitable for public transport, such as, for example, beaches, automobile circuits, forest paths, private roads, dirt roads, gravel roads or that are not suitable for car circulation according to the characteristics specific to each vehicle category (eg vehicles without four-wheel drive (city vehicles) used on roads common to 4 by 4 traction vehicles).
  3. Drive on unpaved or paved roads, but with serious deficiencies, which can cause damage to the underside of the vehicle.
  4. Drive the vehicle through restricted areas, specifically airport runways and other routes associated with the use of civil and military aviation.
  5. Negligence in relation to the information transmitted on the instrument panel or warning signs of the rented vehicle and which the Customer says he knows, with the signing of this contract.
  6. Transport of goods or animals and especially dangerous, flammable and/or harmful substances for the vehicle and its occupants.
  7. The transportation of people or goods that directly or indirectly involve a payment to the customer.
  8. The sub renting of the vehicle.
  9. The use of the vehicle in any activity contrary to the law.
  10. The transport of a number of passengers or more than the amount of baggage allowed for the vehicle.
  11. Any type of odometer manipulation.
  12. Leave visible objects in the vehicle that could be stolen with consequent damage to the vehicle.
  13. Soiling the vehicle's interior beyond what implies normal and careful use of the vehicle.
  14. Driving the vehicle in a state of fatigue, illness or under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs.
  15. Reckless driving.
  16. Use of the vehicle for learning to drive, under any circumstances, and / or teaching any special skills behind the wheel.
  17. Driving contrary to traffic regulations.
  18. Driving the rented vehicle by a person not authorized in the contract, either as Customer/s and/or additional driver/s.
  19. Driving the vehicle outside the geographical limits established in the particular conditions for the service station of origin of the rental
  20. Using the vehicle after the rental period has ended.

Unauthorized use by the customer will enable Wayzor to terminate the Rental Agreement in advance for culpable non-compliance, requesting, if applicable, the respective indemnities for losses and damages.


The customer must have the corresponding driving license in force, approved in the country of delivery of the Wayzor vehicle, at least ONE year old. At the same time, the customer's minimum age must be NINETEEN YEARS.


All Customers and/or additional drivers included in the rental agreement will be jointly and severally liable for all Customer obligations that appear in the Agreement and the laws applicable to it.


In the event that new damages are identified in the inspection of the vehicle upon its return, the Wayzor representative will be in charge of introducing it into the system so that they can be duly charged to the customer according to our price list for damages, this being known to the customer at the beginning of the contract, provided that:

a) The damages present in the vehicle do not require a quote from the official garage of the brand. In this case, the deductible (deposit) will be retained until the workshop provides the official budget.

b) Any broken part cannot be repaired as soon as it incurs the procedures of the previous line.


In the event that the damage is identified when vehicle inspection is carried out by the Wayzor representative and without the client presence, Wayzor will send you the following supporting documents:

• Vehicle Return Declaration with a description of the identified Damages;

• Photograph (s) of the Damage (s);

• Budget or invoice for the amount to be charged according to our price list for damages, vehicle immobilization costs and administrative costs for managing the Damage process.

You can contest the identified Damages and the respective billing within (8) eight calendar days after sending the documents, by email to [email protected]. In the event of non-contestation, within the said period of 8 days, Wayzor reserves the right to charge you for the said costs.


Attention the values presented below are ​​without considering the current VAT rate.

The prices below do not contemplate repairs where the substitution of parts will be necessary. In those cases, a repair invoice will be supplied by the official brand repair shop.


Elemento com danos 

Damaged Element



Severidade do Dano
Damage Severity

Severidade do Dano
Damage Severity









Médio (Medium)




165,50 €

201,50 €

234,00 €

107,90 €

162,50 €

195,00 €


0,00 €

0,00 €

0,00 €

67,50 €

81,00 €

97,20 €


191,75 €

260,00 €

322,40 €

136,50 €

182,50 €

225,00 €


175,50 €

210,60 €

273,78 €

110,50 €

162,50 €

195,00 €


227,50 €

295,75 €

414,05 €

162,50 €

195,00 €

234,00 €


301,60 €

392,08 €

509,70 €

195,00 €

234,00 €

260,00 €


0,00 €

0,00 €

0,00 €

52,50 €

63,00 €

75,60 €


0,00 €

0,00 €

0,00 €

60,00 €

78,00 €

93,60 €


175,50 €

245,70 €

343,98 €

136,50 €

191,10 €

267,54 €


234,15 €

290,23 €

383,34 €

185,50 €

228,15 €

270,60 €


218,00 €

271,20 €

349,44 €

175,50 €

201,50 €

234,90 €



220,00 €



237,29 €


27,12 €


During the rental, you must take all necessary protective measures to keep the car in the same condition as it was delivered.

You should be aware of any warning signs on the instrument panel lights and notify Wayzor immediately so that he can indicate the correct procedure to take.

The vehicle is supplied with tires, in number and under conditions that comply with the requirements of the laws of the Highway Code. Should any of them suffer damage, not regarding the normal wear and tear, latent defect or force majeure, it will be obliged to replace immediately, at your expense, with a tire of the same dimensions, type and brand.

Any modification or mechanical intervention on the Vehicle is prohibited. In the event of a breach of this standard, you will have to bear the costs of replacing the Vehicle in the same condition as it was delivered to you and will be liable to Wayzor for any losses resulting from the breach of the conditions mentioned above, regarding maintenance obligations.


All Wayzor vehicles are delivered with a tank full of fuel, gasoline, or diesel, this level being recorded in the Rental Agreement.

You must return the vehicle with the same fuel level and you will not pay for refueling or fuel.

If you do not return the vehicle with the same fuel level indicated, at the time of delivery, you will be charged the cost of the missing fuel, plus an amount corresponding to the refueling service performed by Wayzor.