Black Sand Box

Free surf classes for < 7 days reservations

All the Wayzor reservations inferior to 7 days get a 10% discount on Black Sand Box's surf classes*! 

Classes Location

The duration is 1h30. The time and place of classes are not fixed because we want to offer the best conditions. We will let you know on the day before the class where and when it will be.

The Black Sand Box (Surf) is a company licensed by the Regional Government of the Azores as a tour operator.
We have insurance for civil liability and personal injury so that it is always protected (included in the value of the classes).
The trainer is duly accredited by the ISA (International Surfing Association) with the level II course.

  1 aula 3 aulas 5 aulas

Group class

30€ 85€ 130€

Private individual class

60€ 160€ 270€

Private group  (2 to 4 people)

45€ 130€ 215€


*Available for 2 people